Ambition PLUS is an immersive careers-focused program aimed to provide students with tools and resources to grow their skill sets and discover career pathways.

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Ambition PLUS is an immersive careers-focused program that aims to help students learn skills and knowledge to improve all aspects of their lives. The program provides tools and resources for students to grow their current skill set and discover career pathways that suit their interests and passions. Over 330 students from 10 schools participated in various activities, such as keynote speakers, interactive workshops, and masterclasses, that covered topics such as personal development, communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more.

The highlights of the program were the keynote speaker sessions, where students had the opportunity to hear from two inspiring and successful individuals. Gianna Lucas is a keynote and motivational speaker, educator, and life coach for young people. She shared her insights and tips on how to overcome challenges, build confidence, and pursue one’s goals with passion and purpose.

"Ambition Plus has been useful in opening my mind to different career paths and instilling core values and self-confidence. I learnt there is more than the simple path to success, the importance of setting goals and that without failure there is no success and that when you fail you just have to try and try again until you succeed"

Ahmad | Student: Fairfield High School



Happow is on a mission to future-proof the lives of young people in high school and beyond. We are a gamified life skills education provider partnering with Australia's top experts to help schools and organisations run empowering and engaging evidence-based wellbeing programs.


Featuring a fun and easy-to-use eLearning platform with expert-led content – 50+ hours of Life Lesson courses (classroom-ready 60 minute modules with videos, quizzes and workbooks) and 100+ Power Talks (mini motivational videos), our program focuses on building and enhancing a young person's personal and social capabilities aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


Combined with empowering in-person talks and workshops presented by Gianna Lucas (Happow Co-Founder/CEO, Speaker & Life Coach), we have a holistic, blended learning approach to enhance your wellbeing curriculum and support your students or young people.

Nico Vu, co-founder and CEO of iLash Angels along with his wife Immi Ho are certified Nala educators with over a decade of industry experience. Passionate about empowering aspiring lash artists, they have trained hundreds of students in eyelash extensions, business, and marketing. They aim to make iLash Angels a global brand and a community of lash enthusiasts who inspire and support one another, emphasising that lashes are more than a beauty service; they express one's personality and confidence. The feedback from both teachers and students about Nico's presentation at Ambition Plus was overwhelmingly positive, as reflected in the high ratings and favourable comments in the post-event feedback surveys. Thank you Nico for generously donating your time to inspire young people.

"The most useful part was hearing Nico speak about his earlier life and what he had to get to where he is standing today. I think that really inspired me, not to give up and I do know there's people that can help me get back up".  Fatma | Canley Vale High School