Transition to High School

The SWC Transition to High School program is an initiative focused on supporting Year 6 students, in preparing them for high school by providing social and emotional learning interventions, educational sessions, and excursions to institutions such as the Australian Museum and the University of Sydney.

The SWC Transition to High School program is a social & emotional learning (SEL) early intervention program that supports children to acquire skills for success to successfully transition through different life stages and to handle related social and emotional challenges. Students get a head start learning important skills such as reading a timetable, how to make friends, using a calendar to stay organised, and support networks they can rely on to make them feel more confident about starting high school. Previously, this program has SWC team members facilitating classroom sessions throughout the term on a fortnightly basis.

This initiative aims to bolster students' sense of identity, belonging, and aspiration, while nurturing their curiosity and critical thinking. The goal is to inspire them to pursue their interests and embrace the opportunities high school and beyond offer. 

AM Facilitator running an education session of their Pasifika and First Nations collection, 'Wansolmoana' 

In December 2023, SWC and the Australian Museum (AM) co-facilitated a high school transition program at the AM. This program brought Year 6 students from St Gertrude's Catholic Primary School on an 'Aspirational Future Links City' tour. The visit to the AM included an educational session led by their First Nations team and SWC, focusing on essential skills for transitioning to high school such as self-confidence, goal setting, and teamwork. Additionally, students explored the museum's diverse collections, gaining insights into Australian and Pacific history, culture, and science.

Students also did a walking tour at the University of Sydney, facilitated by SWC team members. Here, students were able to explore career pathways and the importance of subjects and employability skills.

The Australian Museum generously provided funding for the transportation and lunch for the students and teachers.