620 people including students and teachers from 19 schools, and 64 Service Providers from 21 different organisations, came together for a fun day filled with enriching masterclasses, immersive workshops, and dynamic interactive sessions.

Watch the 2023 Wellbeing Student Careers Summit Wrap Up video!

The 2023 Youth Wellbeing Success Summit (YWSS) was a day dedicated to promoting youth wellbeing and success. The event connected school communities with local service providers, and fostered an environment of engagement for the service providers to share knowledge with the students.

The YWSS featured a diverse range of activities designed to inspire and educate students. The Speed Wellbeing Networking session saw students rotating to multiple service provider stalls to ask questions and engage with experienced service providers. The interactive format of this session allows for a deeper connection between students and service providers, enabling the sharing of knowledge, resources, and valuable insights.

The YWSS hosted multiple guest speakers. Jonny Shannon, an inspiring keynote speaker, addressed the audience on critical topics such as mental health, bullying, and resilience. His powerful words left a positive impression on our youth, encouraging them to face

life's challenges with strength and determination. Gianna Lucas, shared her wisdom and insights, leaving students feeling inspired and motivated to pursue their dreams. Melissa Malu told the story of perception and belonging, inspiring the students to look beyond what their current circumstances allow them to see.

Students also received a showbag filled with an array of resources and free access to e-learning platforms, TheCareersDepartment.com and Happow.com. The showbag included a YWSS resource booklet, which serves as a valuable reference guide for students to further explore the topics discussed at the summit. The e-learning platforms will provide students with the opportunity to explore various careers and acquire essential life skills, setting them on the path to a successful future.

SWC also contributed to the ACYP's consultation process by providing ACYP with 2 free exhibitor stalls and direct access to over 1,000 students at both the VET and Wellbeing Summits.

Wellbeing Summit Photobooth Photos

The connections and knowledge acquired at YWSS are invaluable for shaping a brighter community future. SWC aims to secure ongoing support and funding for expanded reach, enhancing our community and nurturing the wellbeing and success of our young leaders.

The Wellbeing Summit gave me a chance to learn from others and to build a support network for my future. Nicolas | Student: Patrician Brothers College

During the Speed Networking my peers and I were able to learn about so many resources and gain knowledge about services and how to access them. Sebastian | Student: Bonnyrigg High School

Since attending the Summit I have planned to be more involved in community activities. Samet | Student: Sefton High School

The Wellbeing Summit has been beneficial in providing well-being resources for many school communities as they provide many opportunities to students who express interest in the strategies of mental or physical health. Wilson | Student: Lurnea High School

We were impressed with the youth engagement, giving the service providers a valuable opportunity to establish connections with a broader and more diverse demographic of young individuals. Sabrina | Service Provider: Youth Off The Streets

The networking opportunities were really valuable, the session facilitated meaningful connections that will support the young people in reaching their goals effectively. Angela | Teacher: Fairfield High School

The Wellbeing Summit not only increased their knowledge about available resources but also empowered them with the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions and seek assistance when needed. Navdeep | Teacher: Merrylands High School



Happow is on a mission to future-proof the lives of young people in high school and beyond. We are a gamified life skills education provider partnering with Australia's top experts to help schools and organisations run empowering and engaging evidence-based wellbeing programs.


Featuring a fun and easy-to-use eLearning platform with expert-led content – 50+ hours of Life Lesson courses (classroom-ready 60 minute modules with videos, quizzes and workbooks) and 100+ Power Talks (mini motivational videos), our program focuses on building and enhancing a young person's personal and social capabilities aligned with the Australian Curriculum.


Combined with empowering in-person talks and workshops presented by Gianna Lucas (Happow Co-Founder/CEO, Speaker & Life Coach), we have a holistic, blended learning approach to enhance your wellbeing curriculum and support your students or young people.

Jonny Shannon is a International Tech entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker based in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand and found school extremely difficult, having undiagnosed dyslexia and other disabilities which led him to failing all his subjects and being bullied. 

After overreacting too many times, Jonny was finally expelled for fighting too much & not showing up to school. It wasn’t until his last school that a counsellor took him aside to work through some of the key issues he was facing. The difference for Jonny was from “night to day”. He quickly turned his academic performance around and focused on his emotional well being. Surprised in the difference seeing a counsellor made, he committed to doing youth work to help other students like him in the future.